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Oct 5, 2017 | Tech, Trade Tools

Office furniture has evolved to become highly stylised, and ergonomic designs mean comfort is a priority. Try these brands on for size

YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: These handmade pieces will transform any offi ce into an interesting, conversational space. 
THE NITTY GRITTY: Spitfire furniture is handmade using Brazilian leather and aluminum, and fuses contemporary design with a classic look. The Banshee Egg Chair and Dakota 5 Drawer Desk are available in three colours: oxblood, vintage black or vintage brown. 
THE X-FACTOR: Bespoke furniture makes a bold statement. From R23,600 (chair) and R39,900 (desk); spitfirefurniture.co.za



YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: An ottoman is perfect for seating or as a space for magazines.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Weylandts’ Cuban Tufted Ottoman is made of luxurious leather and deep buttoned by hand. It comes in a variety of colours from anthracite to toffee. Or you can select your own fabrics.
THE X-FACTOR: Leather works well in an offi ce because it’s easy to clean. R18,995; weylandts.co.za



YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: Large offices with lots of human traffic need seating hubs that emulate a cutting-edge corporate or the reception of a swanky hotel.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Furniture company Herman Miller has partnered with contemporary British design company Naughtone to offer a range of beautifully designed and well-crafted furniture. This is epitomised by seating options such as the Always Lounge, Busby chair (pictured here), which emulates a luxurious booth, and Pollen, small hexagonal furniture pieces that can be used as seats, tables or side tables.
THE X-FACTOR: You’ll find this furniture in the offices of companies such as Google, Barclays, BMW and Coca-Cola. From R23,683; alloffice.co.za



YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: Dauphin office furniture is mobile and works in a small or large workspace. Dauphin’s seating, storage and desks function as standalones or together.
THE NITTY GRITTY: Stilo chairs work best in hot desk or flexible work environments. The Bonito range by Zuco for Dauphin includes comfortable handmade wooden-shell chairs in oak or walnut. There are a variety of colours, fabrics, wood finishes and types of leather. The Fiore range of all-rounder chairs is available in variations from cutting-edge polypropylene in various colours, to classic beech and swivel or fixed frames.
THE X-FACTOR: These high-perfomance chairs and desks are comfortable and ergonomic. From R3,500; dauphin.co.za

Words: Helen Grange