Author: Andre Venter

How to survive digital disruption

“The traditional way of selling properties is forever changed but there is still a great need in property transactions for human contributions, for the insight and expertise that only estate agents can bring” A digital footprint is essential to surviving in today’s competitive real estate industry. Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property explains how their company is making digital innovations work for them while still recognising people’s need for personal interaction with a property expert. The digital revolution has changed literally every sphere of our lives. Business models have been disrupted in practically every single field of enterprise. The...

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The effect of Airbnb on the rental market

“We did notice a slight dip in the rental market when Airbnb reached its peak in terms of its popularity, particularly in tourist hotspots such as Cape Town. But, the hype has since died down as many are coming to realise the frustrations of short-term tenants” After the initial hype over the American online hospitality service Airbnb, they see many are returning to the traditional long-term renting model says Adrian Goslett, regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. Most were sceptical of the concept when Airbnb first launched in the US in 2008, but, after the company...

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Taking a broader look at discrimination

“Our constitution is not limited to discrimination on the grounds of race but on a far wider basis – so take care because as usual in our society everything being discussed is about race!” Landlords discriminating against tenants because of their race is what dominates the news, yet there are also other forms of discrimination, equally prohibited by law; and then there are aspects like the number of pets or family size that property owners may be particular about. We asked industry leaders for their take on this sensitive issue. In response to last week’s article ‘Racist seller: Refuse...

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Tough economy favours buyers’ market

“It is a good time to buy property,” says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group. “Over 90% of all sellers still need to drop their price to conclude a sale while house prices remain under pressure.” In these tough economic times, buyers are looking for affordability and value for money and, thankfully, banks are showing greater leniency towards property finance. The year 2018 is almost at the midway mark. What a year it has been so far! The ‘Ramaphoria’ of February has since had to contend with continued uncertainty about the eventual outcome of the proposed expropriation...

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Who are ‘suppliers’ under the CPA?

Who are ‘suppliers’ under the CPA? When the Consumer Protection Act became law in April 2011, there was considerable confusion in the real estate industry as to who was actually affected by it. Some conveyancers, industry-related bodies and others said that all property transactions would be affected by the Act and that all property sellers had to comply with its requirements. Today it has become widely accepted that only certain persons are affected and it is important to know who they are. John Gilchrist, director of Property Law Publications, explains. The definition of a supplier In the definitions at...

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