Author: Andre Venter

Be the first to do a neighbourhood video

“The video should take your prospective client on a journey where he/she makes an emotional connection with the area” One of the most effective ways for you to compete with big name, big budget companies is to unleash the power that’s right in your own backyard. Your secret weapon? Neighbourhood video marketing says Christian Fourie, CEO of Capture Media. As reported earlier by Property Professional video is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your agency’s visibility on the web. Watching a video keeps people for longer on your website and lets your site rank higher in...

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Racist seller? Refuse the mandate

“We all know the constitution, we have signed the pledge, we must treat everybody equally.” Estate agents mustn’t accept any mandate coming with discriminatory stipulations, even if the landlord/seller should insist on this. This is the right thing to do and it is what the law says. Former estate agent Vicky Momberg has barely been in jail for a month, making history as the first person in the country to receive a jail sentence for racist behaviour, or the property industry is again linked to another racist incident, this time an intern agent of Pam Golding who texted in...

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Green features sell property

“Sustainable living is a trend that is growing globally. In Europe sustainable living has become a way of life and most building plans require sustainable designs as a prerequisite for city/council approval” Energy-saving and water-wise features are proving to be major selling points with a growing group of property buyers who prefer JoJo tanks and solar panels to water features or jacuzzi’s. Property-owners have been battling to survive rising consumer prices, annually paying more for electricity and water bills which has taught a hard-learned appreciation for energy and water saving features, especially in the Western and Eastern Cape that...

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Roadshow on Property Sector Code: find out how does it work

“BEE compliance is becoming more important and more complicated. Agencies need plans and strategies for the Amended Property Sector Code, with specific focus on ownership and skills development as priority focus areas” Rebosa is embarking on a road show in May to unpack the Amended Property Sector Code in detail and to explain how BBBEE will be implemented in the property sector in terms of the Codes of Good Practice Scorecard. The Amended Property Sector Code (PSC) was gazetted on 9 June 2017 to address inequalities in the property sector and promote economic transformation. It (including the scorecard incorporated...

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Industry voice frustration over illegal agents and the system

“It is one thing if the Board is doing absolutely nothing, but another if substantial efforts are made, but they are unable to cope with the scale of the problem. It is therefore not a given that applying for an order will necessarily meet with success” Not only unregistered agents but also a perceived lack of monitoring by the EAAB on compliance with educational and training requirements have many realtors fed up and demanding the system improves. Letters poured in following the ‘Open Letter’ by realtor Andile Ben-Mazwai on the issue of illegal agents and his proposal that the...

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