Author: Andre Venter

Property24 defends price increases

“Outrageous” and “exorbitant” were among the comments from the real estate industry upon hearing of Property24’s latest subscription fee increases with some declaring they will end their subscription. The country’s largest property portal is certainly aware of the unhappiness with their subscription increases, but once explained JP Farinha, CEO of Property24 says their customers generally understand the rationale behind it. “Outrageous” and “exorbitant” were among the comments from the real estate industry upon hearing of Property24’s latest subscription fee increases to become effective on 1 April. Meaning an average increase of as much as 20% and even more in...

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Zero tolerance for hate speech in real estate

The issue of racism and hate speech has been brought to the fore again with former real estate agent Vicky Momberg making history as the first person in South Africa to be sent to jail for crimen injuria should her appeal fail. Former estate agent Vicki Momberg was sentenced to an effective two years in prison by the Randburg Magistrate’s court on Wednesday 28 March after her racist rant in 2016 using the k-word 48 times on two 10111 call centre agents and a policeman assisting her after she was a victim of a smash and grab. A video...

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Agent makes history on the West Coast

“Change is never easy,” says Darrelle, “but it is inevitable that change must happen.” She is known in Saldanha as a woman who gets things done and now that reputation got her elected as the first chairwoman in the history of the West Coast Business Chamber. Darrelle Scheepers, 52 year old RE/MAX franchise owner in Saldanha and Vredenburg, says she is cautiously optimistic about her new position as leader of this influential organisation during this time characterised by lots of changes in the economic landscape of the West Coast. The business chamber, with 150 members currently one of the...

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New VAT rate: this is how it works

“There have been many queries from the local real estate industry on how the new 15% VAT rate, taking effect from 1 April 2018, will affect current property business transactions.” In REBOSA’s newsletter last week, John Gilchrist, Director Property Law Publications, reported on SARS’ answers on when to apply the new VAT rate on different property sales. The article is reprinted here with REBOSA’s permission. General Principles The new rate of 15% becomes applicable from the date of supply of ‘VAT-able’ goods by a registered VAT vendor to a purchaser. This is very easily worked out – it is...

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An agent who beat the odds

“An estate agent from Ghana – without his own transport – wins two awards at Seeff. Read his story for a good dose of inspiration” Hayford Obeng is certainly not your run-of-the-mill estate agent. Despite not having a driver’s license or owning a car he still managed to win the award of most units sold at the Seeff Pretoria East office in 2017, even if this meant that he had to make use of public transport or walk far distances to meet clients all over Pretoria. Hayford, who hails from western Ghana, came to South Africa in 2007 at...

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