Author: Andre Venter

5 solutions to outrageous seller expectations

Sellers need to understand clearly the impact of unattractive features on the asking price for their property. All estate agents can share experiences on dealing with outrageous seller expectations. Australian Chris Wilkins recently shared on Inman Connect five of the oddest situations he had to resolve with sellers. Put away the toys Some sellers prioritise their children’s happiness above making their property attractive to prospective buyers. Chris had such a couple who didn’t take kindly to his suggestion that they tidy up the toys lying about in their tiny outdoor space. He turned around their thinking by pointing out...

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Too much mystery around land reform plans

The real problem with the land expropriation motion is that it does not actually seek to speed up the transfer of land to any individual or group of owners, says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group Everitt says it seeks only to put more land in the hands of the state, which he says has an extremely poor track record when it comes to land reform and redistribution over the past 24 years. “Most South Africans understand and support the urgent need to address historic injustices and achieve a much more equitable distribution of land,...

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Industry believes P24 subscription increase is cause for concern

On average, in the highest lead bracket, the subscription price increase is 20%, and estate agents are not happy Last week, Property24 sent out a ‘Dear Valued Customer’ email, alerting subscribers to their annual subscription price increase. The letter began by highlighting the platform’s growth. It went on to say: “We are proud of what we have been able to deliver to our customers. In that spirit, please take note of the new fees, effective 1 April 2018.” On average, in the highest lead bracket (251-750 for sales and +300 for rentals in high interest areas), the price increase...

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