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Land expropriation not only option

“The accelerated programme of land reform must be done in an orderly manner. Strong action must be taken against those who occupy land unlawfully” Land expropriation without compensation is not the only or major means to achieving just and necessary land reform, says Jeremy Cronin, Deputy Minister of Public Works. Cronin also criticised the slow pace of land reform since 1994 denouncing it as pathetic and said it is essential that progress is made on this emotive issue. He was speaking on Wednesday 20 June at the annual convention of the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) in Durban....

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Show house: are estate agents liable for injuries?

Signs similar to that found at the entrance of parking garages should be found at the entrance of every show house A recent article published in the USA stated that it is a relatively common occurrence for potential buyers to be wandering about a property and slipping or tripping on a stair or slippery floor. Potential buyers are unfamiliar with the property and so more likely to miss a step or small defects. Can a real estate agent be held liable for an injury on a piece of property they do not even own? Practicing attorney Michael Judin and...

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Investigate EAAB agents plead

“Not paying fees or not doing CPD is not the answer” Tales of woe have poured in following last week’s article ‘Self-regulation could save property industry millions’. An ‘organisational shambles’, ‘a joke’ and ‘discredit to our profession’ were among the descriptions frustrated agents attributed to the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB). Bureaucratic bungling topped the list of complaints especially with regards to applications to change the name of a company or to obtain Fidelity Fund certificates (FFC’s) after a name change. For example, Gordon Foulis of Platinum Century Property in Century City, Cape Town, writes they have been in...

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Home buyers in SA getting older

In short, older home buyers are the more stable group when it comes to buying homes through the property and economic cycles The average home buyer in 2018 is 44 years old, six years older than in 1980 when the average home buyer was 38 years old. In South Africa the average middle-clas Millennial and younger Generation X’ers appear to be waiting longer to enter the property market. In South Africa over the last couple of decades the fastest growth has been among home buyers in the older age groups. John Loos, household and property sector strategist with FNB...

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