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‘In property women are a force to be reckoned with’

“Our mom gave us the belief that we can be anything that we wanted to be.” Being born into an entrepreneurial family, whether it was selling packets of sweets or running a butchery, the women in Amanda Cuba’s family taught her from a young age that you can do anything that you put your mind to. The resistance song “Wathint’ Abafazi, wathint’ Imbokodo” (You strike the women, you strike a rock) has become strongly associated with the brave women who marched on 9 August 1956 to the Union Buildings in protest against the hated pass laws. In commemoration of...

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Fly-by-nights: cheaper but risky

Dr Karen Deller Choose your training service provider wisely. Every industry has its rogue agents. In the training world these rogues are called fly-by-night colleges and, just like rogue agents, they capture a bigger share of the market than they should because they are cheaper, but there are many risks to the consumer in dealing with them. Some years ago the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) introduced a programme to professionalise the real estate sector and a big part of this involved training of agents and principals against a nationally-registered qualification. The training providers who offer this training need...

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What happens to a sale agreement in the event of death?

By Chantalle Bell An executor can only sell and transfer a property with the consent of the heirs to the estate, unless the property is sold to meet the debts of the estate. Buying or selling real estate isn’t as easy as it is portrayed sometimes, especially if there is a death of a party during the transaction which can be awkward. Just because you enter into a contract to either buy or sell does not mean the deal will go through. Karien Hunter, a practising attorney from Engel & Völkers KZN Dolphin Coast, share some advice. Sale agreement...

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Cash or bond? Investor expert shares his views

Press “You can more than double your investment using the bank’s money.” There are advantages both ways whether an investor pays with cash or with bonds for an investment property. Pieter Piek of Just Property Invest explains why he recommends using bonds. “The advantages of an outright cash purchase are certainly appealing,” says Piek. “You will not be paying interest on a loan and if you are disciplined, that money can be invested into a tax-free account, and you will own the property ‘outright’.” But, he notes, there are disadvantages if you plough all your capital into one asset,...

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It’s not about the 2019 election, it’s about growth

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the BRICS Business Forum hosted in July in Johannesburg. Source: By Ronald Ennik Big initiatives are underway to drive this growth. All reaping results, some speedily! Sentiment has always been the key factor that drives the residential property market. But it swings like a pendulum. Right now, there is widespread expectation that nothing will change materially until the election has come and gone. I do not share that stance! In fact, I am prepared to stick my neck out at this stage and predict that the homes market turnaround will come earlier – probably...

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