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SAs’ Property Search Preferences Uncovered

The growth of online technology began skyrocketing a few years ago and the development has not slowed since, with Internet penetration in South Africa reaching 40.9%, according to research conducted by Statistics South Africa in 2013. As access to the Internet increases, whether at home, work or through mobile phones, consumer behaviour changes and adapts to the new opportunities presented. This is something that has been clearly seen in the real estate industry, with a significant shift towards property buyers making use of online tools to search for property. Research into consumer understanding of online property search tools was...

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Modderfontein: City of the Future

Demand for accessible information technology and cost-effective integrated public transport systems will see Modderfontein become a centre with population densities similar to some of the world’s major urban centres. So says Anthony Diepenbroek, CEO of Zendai Development South Africa which, as part of the Hong Kong-listed Shanghai Zendai Group, will be driving the project to develop 1 600 hectares of land in Modderfontein, near Johannesburg over the next 15 years. Modderfontein New City, the new growth node in Gauteng and South Africa, will cost an estimated R84-billion in the process of moving from drawing board to reality. “The South...

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How much business competition is good for you?

Competition is healthy right? Well yes, as long as you don’t take your eye off your own ball. We all accept that life is one big competition. However, some are far more competitive than others and will go to great lengths to ensure that they win at all costs. Estate agents work in a very competitive field. Think about it. They not only have to compete against those working with other agencies, they also have to vie with members of their own sales team. This makes sense, of course, because the industry is commission based, which essentially means that...

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Habits of Highly Successful Estate Agents

Have you ever wondered what makes a good agent great? We have all met someone who stands head and shoulders above the crowd, regardless of the economic climate or the state of the property market. We can be forgiven for thinking that these people are simply lucky and that their ongoing success is because they are in the right place at the right time, or that they work for the ‘right’ agency. But, while these factors may play a role, they are by no means the sole reason for a top agent’s success. Surprisingly enough, agents of this calibre...

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Architectural Achievements

This year saw many accolades awarded for remarkable achievements spread across all levels of the industry, where, through transformation, women and students are increasingly making their mark while practising the art of design in the built environment. Possibly of the greatest historic significance this year was the City of Durban’s qualifying status in hosting the 25th International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congress in August. This prestigious affair carried the theme of ‘Architecture Otherwhere’, with keynote addresses delivered by global masters, including Japanese architect Toyo Ito and Professor Wang Shu of China, both Pritzker Prize winners. This all –...

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