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Foreign-Buyer Numbers Rising Steadily: PropStats

In a recent report, First National Bank (FNB) property economist John Loos said that agents had reported a rise in foreign buying of domestic property. Annette Evans, regional general manager of the Institute of Estate Agents Western Cape, said this could be corroborated when analysing a sample of transactions on PropStats, the institute’s online residential property data service. PropStats’ data was taken from agents in the Western Cape, predominantly in greater Cape Town. Comparing sample figures from June 2011 to June 2014, she said, sales to foreign buyers had risen steadily: there were 14 sales in mid-2011, 26 in...

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ooba Home Finance App

Cost: The data for download and usage. Love it: ooba has developed an application to simplify the home loan application process for homebuyers and the real estate agents. The app provides a host of calculators that are simple and easy for consumers to use for calculating bond repayments, home affordability, additional home loan repayment, bond and transfer costs, deposit savings and amortisation (the total interest paid on a home loan). It also allows consumers to pose questions to an ooba home finance expert. Real estate agents can use the app to send the details of affordability, costs and various...

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Digital Technology for Property Professionals

We live in a digital age. Since 1999, the internet and digital technology have not only changed the way we live, communicate, buy and sell, but they have also shaped the very future of how we will do business. Here’s how you can equip yourself with the knowledge needed to survive and make sales in a digital world. “The internet is changing all the time,” Internet World Stats stated. “Two things, in our opinion, have marked its evolution recently: the social web and mobile technology. These two innovations have changed the way people use the internet. In the social...

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Cross-Sector Growth

Local realtors are seizing opportunities to expand through market diversification and global networks. Specialist in-house services of agencies that traditionally spanned a single residential platform where commercial market activity was often viewed as a secondary interest has produced dedicated divisions in the fields of auctioneering and property development. The expansion towards fully fledged industrial and commercial divisions illustrates that markets change according to industry needs. Additional exposure at international levels – owing to spin-offs from the tourism industry and investors diverting from global economic uncertainty – has motivated global connectivity within the residential sector. Cross-border partnerships have resulted in...

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Homi, Your Show House Locator

Cost: Free Love it: – your show house locator – is a dedicated national show house portal using geolocation services to detect your location on your smartphone or tablet. It is the perfect site to use when looking for show houses, as it picks up your location on your smart device and displays all the properties in your vicinity. No more driving up and down looking for show houses and potentially missing the perfect house, as Homi displays very clearly on the map exactly what is on show as well as all the essential details you might need, such as...

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