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3 things happening your industry right now

“Property Professional asked Rebosa what three things agents should know about right now.” Rebosa have their ear to the ground when it comes to what’s going on in the real estate industry. Their primary goal is to look after real estate business owners’ best interests, and their behind-the-scenes work often benefits the whole industry. Here’s what the organisation says should be on your radar right now: 1. Regulations to the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has invited the public to comment on the Draft Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal...

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Homes for the missing middle

“Urban developers and estate agents need to change their mindsets and provide affordable accommodation for the missing middle,” says Western Cape Property Development Forum chairperson Deon van Zyl  A change in attitude by developers and estate agents can provide appropriate affordable accommodation in CBDs to commuting workers, making for a resilient urban economy. The “affordable housing” label should change to “affordable accommodation” so the industry can provide the correct type of housing to match different phases in tenants’ lives. This will provide developers with real business opportunities and boost their bottom line. Adapting mindsets will help meet local government...

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Cracking the property code

The 2017 Property Sector Code replaces the B-BBEE Property Sector Code. But how does the amended Code impact your agency? Webber Wentzel partner Adam Ismail unpacks the legal issues For estate agents and agencies, the words BEE compliance and the 2017 Property Sector Code are frequently heard, but they may as well be Greek. Yet whether you’re an estate agent, a franchisee or franchisor, unpacking the concept of BEE and the Property Sector codes is important. Fact is, they may not affect you – in other words, particularly as a residential estate agent, you probably have no need to...

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Why choose a sole mandate?

“Private Property offers tips on how to convince sellers that a sole mandate is better than an open mandate” “If you’re trying to convince someone to choose a sole mandate, clearly explain the advantages using concrete statistics. For example, stats show that a sole mandate property tends to sell for more than an open mandate” – Simon Bray,CEO, Private Property Why a sole mandate? Sellers often think that more is better: surely, they argue, if five agents are working on your property, you’ll get five times the response? But a sole mandate protects the seller best because it is...

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4 Goodies and gadgets for when you are on the go

Office furniture has evolved to become highly stylised, and ergonomic designs mean comfort is a priority. Try these brands on for size SPITFIREYOU NEED IT BECAUSE: These handmade pieces will transform any offi ce into an interesting, conversational space. THE NITTY GRITTY: Spitfire furniture is handmade using Brazilian leather and aluminum, and fuses contemporary design with a classic look. The Banshee Egg Chair and Dakota 5 Drawer Desk are available in three colours: oxblood, vintage black or vintage brown. THE X-FACTOR: Bespoke furniture makes a bold statement. From R23,600 (chair) and R39,900 (desk);   WEYLANDTS YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: An...

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