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Property trends: Surban homes

Where suburban meets urban: that’s where you’ll find surban, an increasingly popular trend both locally and internationally The concept of suburban homes and city living as two distinct elements is long past. But it seems that even mixed-use neighbourhoods – with residential and work amenities in one place – needs an upgrade. Enter the rise of the surban community: denser communities where various housing arrangements – townhouses, apartments, houses – are mixed with urban amenities that offer the chance to live, work and play outside of the city’s core. International real estate consultants John Burns Real Estate Consulting anticipates...

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How to grow your network

A healthy network is essential as an agent but it’s also a longterm strategy that requires constant work. Private Property provides pointers for effective networking Building referrals Referrals can play a vital role in expanding your reach. Client referrals are the most valuable as potential buyers or sellers are more likely to trust the recommendation of someone they know. But there are other ways to build referrals, too. 1. Events Attend local events to establish relationships with community members. 2. Other businesses Other businesses Agree on a mutually bene? cial relationship with other companies such as mortgage brokers, plumbers...

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Shaking Up the Digital Property Pie

“The local online property space is expanding fast. What are these start-ups doing better or just differently?” It is easy to dismiss low-commission, online estate agencies as corner cutters with unsustainable business models. They are alright for some, but surely the discerning property seller will pay for excellent service and the novice realises it would be foolish to go it alone when negotiating possibly the biggest deal of their lives? That dismissive view would be a mistake. Low commission rates, and talk of a R65,000 saving for every R1m of the selling price, might make some headline news. But...

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Wahi Space Share has gone live. At this peer-to-peer online marketplace, technology connects owners of storage space or parking with potential renters. Founded in 2016 by Cape Town entrepreneurs Michael Hodgson and Daniel Bailey, offers both commercial and residential rental space. Wahi means “get” in Swahili and “space” in Maori. The founders say the start-up aims to change the accepted status quo of the country’s self-storage industry, giving South Africans the opportunity to become earners. “We give property owners the opportunity to generate bonus annuity income from their spare space and also allow renters to achieve cost efficiency...

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July/August 2017

In the July/August 2017 issue of Property Professional we take a look at how proposed changes to the Property Practitioners Bill could affect you and your job. We talk to movers who are shaking up the virtual industry space and sit down with Just Property’s CEO Paul...

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