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Shared Intelligence Boosts Retail Security

Robberies in shopping malls have reached record highs in South Africa, prompting a response from the business sector in the form of the Collaborative Anti-Crime Platform. As part of the Consumer Goods Crime Risk Initiative (CGCRI) of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA), the platform will see improved communication between retailers in a joint effort to combat in-mall robberies, the number of incidents of which jumped 32% in 2014. In 2007 the CGCSA mobilised a similar initiative that successfully addressed violent crimes that were taking place at restaurants around the country. Better retail security is vital not...

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Cape Quarter to Get Solar

The Cape Quarter, the flagship property of the Tower Property Funds portfolio, will soon be retrofitted for solar energy as part of the fund’s greening and occupancy cost reduction strategy. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the property and will supply about R350 000’s worth of electricity, with a 10% yield growing at a minimum of 8%. However, it is expected that this figure will grow, given Eskom’s predicted high tariff increases. The Cape Quarter has also undergone lighting and other retrofits that will save it R1-million a year in energy costs. Said Tower Property Fund...

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Franchise Pros and Cons

With the property industry expanding each year, many people are faced with the tough decision of going it alone or joining an established property company as a franchisee. Franchising accounts for less than 25% of the property industry, which is not much when you consider the size of the South African property market; but just think of some of the groups in the property industry that started out as a single company and are now major franchises and well-recognised names. There is a lot to be said for going it alone and building a property company from the ground...

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Available from: Price varies depending on your device. Love it: we have all done it at some point – dropped our phone or tablet and smashed the screen into a million pieces. It is one of those things that need replacing at the cost of hundreds of rand because, let’s face it, the phone/tablet is worth thousands. BodyGuardz’ range of tough clear plastic device protectors includes Pure, HD Anti-Glare, Ultra Tough, and Privacy. No so much: we hate that we need it, but love it when it saves our device from another smashed screen. In a nutshell: phones and tablets are expensive...

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