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Word on the Street – March

  “Our own approach should be to have a high level of self-belief in what we have done to manage our own fiscal policies and concentrate on implementing the programmes we have to get higher levels of growth and employment in...

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Word on the Street – January

Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel (SACommercialprop-News: Infrastructure Development Bill Introduced) “To date, the PICC (Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission) has identified 18 SIPs (strategic...

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Word on the Street – November

“As prime minister I am not going to stand by while people’s aspirations to get on the housing ladder are being trashed… If we don’t do this it will only be people with rich parents to help them who can get on...

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Evan Robins

“While the sector has certainly fallen from its highs in May, it has gotten off relatively lightly on the whole, considering the level of increase in bond yields.” Evan Robins, manager of Old Mutual SA Quoted Property Fund...

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Goolam Ballim

“South African households have experienced notable pressure on their real income in recent months. Accelerating inflation has eroded their real purchase power. A more restrained credit environment has also retarded consumers’...

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Daniel Mminele

“The most recent exchange rate movements, including today’s, are somewhat exaggerated… the local currency has been on a depreciating trend partly due to the strengthening of the dollar and the decline in commodity prices.”...

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“A period of low, strike-affected, economic growth late in 2012 may have caused some slowing in house price growth through the summer months. But some normalization of growth, and apparent strengthening in residential demand in...

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“South African yields have weakened as a result of both the global trend as well as the weaker rand and poor foreign demand… We’re at the mercy of social tensions and knock-on negative offshore sentiment amid U.S. strength.”...

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The carbon tax liabilities of commercial property owners would be captured “largely in the electricity bills when Eskom passes through the tax they pay through to consumers.… The impact on the property owners will depend on how...

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