Available from: R27 000

Love it: 3D printing is now a reality and DionWired is one of the first to bring it into the homes and offices of South Africans. So how does it work? 3D technology allows the rapid design and layer-by-layer printing of three-dimensional prototypes using plastic, metal, and polyurethane, depending on the printer – this means that your idea in the morning could be produced into matter by the afternoon. The Cube 3D Printer was the winner of multiple design and performance awards and is said to be reliable and easy to use. The Cube printer is packed with consumer-friendly features, is contemporary in design and has a tablet-like, touch screen for ease of use. It is the first consumer 3D printer that is home certified and safe for children as young as eight years old. Consumer print ready and compact, this colour 3D printer fits in the living room and classroom, and weighing just over 4kgs, it is extremely portable. Offering hours of 3D printing enjoyment on a rainbow of compelling colours, Cube includes immediate access to over 30 free printable creations, many that can be personalised. The Cube printer also comes with a membership to Cubify.com, offering a marketplace of things to 3D print at home. Have the new Windows 8.1? The Cube 3D Printer has Windows 8.1 support, which allows the user to easily make 3D objects with their PCs.

No so much: We all know when something new and exciting like this hits the market, it is always going to be a bit pricy and may have a few glitches that need to be ironed out. Regardless, 3D printing at home is pretty darn exciting and I’m guessing that in the not-too-distant future, it is just going to get even better and more accessible.

In a nutshell: For any tech-savvy person this is beyond exciting! 3D printing is one of those things that we have only ever heard about, so now to be able to have one in your home or office is quite something and is definitely a product to keep your eye on.