Available from:
around R3 599

Love it:The Dropcam Internet Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera helps you stay connected with what you love, no matter where you are. In less than 60 seconds, you’ll have it set up and securely streaming high-definition video to you over Wi-Fi. Use it to watch your home, your baby, the dog or your business. Every camera comes with night vision, HD video, two-way talk and digital zoom. Paired with secure online cloud video recording (CVR), you can watch live and recorded videos from anywhere on any device, such as your Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device. All you need is a Wi-Fi network paired with the free and easy-to-use Dropcam App.

Not so much:Not much to say here – good security is priceless.

In a nutshell:It is a good product at a reasonable price.