Forex for less

May 25, 2017 | Finance, Slider

“Receiving foreign currency into South Africa or transferring funds overseas can be confusing, costly and time-consuming.”

Charter Forex promises aggressive rates and simpler processes. A key off ering is that they will facilitate local bank accounts for non-residents, so they can more easily buy property in South Africa. Headed by Peter Jones and Waynne Meintjes, Charter Forex has been trading for 15 years. It deals with more than 300 professional firms in South Africa and private clients locally and abroad, off ering services linked to foreign exchange and cross-border payments.

“We can open high-interest-earning resident and non-resident bank accounts for clients, with no bank charges, no queues and no call centres,” says Jones. “Because of the volumes that we facilitate and the fact that we are small enough to respond individually to clients, we can off er extremely competitive exchange rates, with no extra admin fees.” Funds are held with Investec Bank while Charter Forex serves as a facilitator and administrator. Charter Forex is a product of Charter Fiduciary Administrators and is registered with the Financial Services Board (FSP 14204).