How to grow your network

Jul 19, 2017 | Agents, Slider

A healthy network is essential as an agent but it’s also a longterm strategy that requires constant work. Private Property provides pointers for effective networking

Building referrals

Referrals can play a vital role in expanding your reach. Client referrals are the most valuable as potential buyers or sellers are more likely to trust the recommendation of someone they know. But there are other ways to build referrals, too.

1. Events

Attend local events to establish relationships with community members.

2. Other businesses

Other businesses Agree on a mutually bene? cial relationship with other companies such as mortgage brokers, plumbers and conveyancers to crosspromote businesses.

3. Other agencies

An estate agent’s relationship with other agencies doesn’t have to be antagonistic. Agencies can partner to refer clients to one another.

Effective methods for keeping in contact

• Ask clients to complete a customer satisfaction survey.
• Send them useful information such as local community and property news.
• Connect with buyers and sellers on social media or professional networks.
• Ask for a Facebook testimonial or review.
• Send a card or gift on special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays.