Jul 13, 2017 | Industry, Slider

Wahi Space Share has gone live. At this peer-to-peer online marketplace, technology connects owners of storage space or parking with potential renters.

Founded in 2016 by Cape Town entrepreneurs Michael Hodgson and Daniel Bailey, offers both commercial and residential rental space. Wahi means “get” in Swahili and “space” in Maori.

The founders say the start-up aims to change the accepted status quo of the country’s self-storage industry, giving South Africans the opportunity to become earners. “We give property owners the opportunity to generate bonus annuity income from their spare space and also allow renters to achieve cost efficiency and convenience by converging online,” says Hodgson. “You could see it as the Airbnb of spare space, where the commodity is something many of us own without even knowing it and many others – often our neighbours – also need.”