Camps Bay agent Pola Jocum has sold R2.043bn in real estate and some 346 properties during her 36-year property career, mostly in Camps Bay

That equates to an average of almost R6m per property, a feat few agents in the country can claim, says chairman of the Seeff group Samuel Seeff. Jocum has been with Seeff for 25 years.

Operating in one of the most exclusive suburbs along the Atlantic Seaboard, Jocum says over three decades she’s been witness to a few booms and busts. “My philosophy remains that while I cannot change the market, I can control the marketing,” she says.

“While the market may move sideways during an economic downturn, my approach has been that a deal is never dead,” says Jocum. On many occasions she has brought buyer and seller back to the negotiation table.

She says technology has impacted the industry, influencing consumer behaviour. “The fundamentals remain the same. If you’re selling, pitch your price right and ensure your property offers good value. If you’re buying, pay no more than fair market value, unless you have your heart set on a particular home and are prepared to pay more and wait longer before you see some value growth.”