The 2016 Wealth Migration Survey’s top five safest countries for women to live in are:


For its strong sense of community and solid value system, plus effective social services and policing of female abuse. Australia’s immigration policy is also stringent, excluding possible woman abusers.


For a strong value system and police force.


Slightly safer for woman than the US, with an efficient police force and less crime in urban districts.


Women, child and animal abuse is heavily frowned upon by the public and by a vocal media. Many US women also carry a firearm as a deterrent to abusers.


The safest European country for women.

Source: New World Wealth

One of the top factors motivating the wealthy to migrate was the search for a safe environment for women in their families, according to the 2016 Wealth Migration Survey. If that checks out, countries with a good level of safety should start outperforming those with lower levels. Sri Lanka’s good safety levels for females flags it as a country that should grow in popularity as a migration destination over the next decade.