Smart security and automation

Feb 21, 2017 | Trends

In the US, there has been a rapid increase in smart security and home automation. Is South Africa heading the same way?

A few years ago, South Africans wouldn’t have expected anything from the US to arrive here timeously. From movies to technology to parcels in the post, we were way behind. Although that has changed, when it comes to security, the US and South Africa are quite different markets in terms of their maturity. The US has cheap cellular networks and a wide range of smart products and service providers. Users are generally more tech savvy.


The take-up of smart security and automation in South Africa has been slow. “The high cost of data and devices, limited selection and a shortage of skills in the industry make smart automation and security accessible mainly to wealthy home owners at this time,” explains Simon Bray, CEO of Private Property. “This will probably start to change as the cost of data and devices drop and more young, tech-savvy home owners enter the market and embrace the technology.”

Private Property’s listings show that the most popular enhanced security measures in top-end homes are automated door locks that can be controlled remotely, video surveillance and alarm activation of the property via smartphone. International research suggests that smart features can add between 3% and 7% to the value of a home. Essentially, smart technology adds the “wow” factor to a home and helps to differentiate it from others on the market. Which is never a bad thing.

Words Bridget McNulty