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All you need is some data to download it.

Love it: SnapScan is the app that has everyone talking and just to confirm its success, it won the MTN Business App of the Year award for 2013. The big idea is that customers can make in-store payments using their mobile phones instead of credit or debit cards. To use SnapScan, you download the app for Apple, Android or BlackBerry, and add your credit card details by taking a picture of your card and creating a pin. You can then use the app to scan a QR (quick response) code – a type of barcode – in a store and make payments. You only need to enter your card details once, then your payment information remains securely in the app, so your card details are never transmitted to the merchant (so no need to worry about your card being skimmed/copied). Powered by Standard Bank, SnapScan works with debit cards and credit cards, and there are no sign up, set-up or installation fees. There is also no monthly fee payable. The company makes its money by charging a small transaction fee to the retailer on each purchase. This fee varies.

Not so much: The only downside is that it’s not everywhere just yet, but only in select merchant stores. Given a little more time, however, word of this clever app will soon spread!

In a nutshell: This very user-friendly app takes purchasing goods and services to a whole new level. In short, SnapScan allows you to:

• Make quick and convenient payments using only your phone

• Buy at shops and markets without handing over your card

• Pay with your debit or credit card (no extra wallet)

• See a list of previous transactions

• Locate great merchants close to you (across South Africa)