What’s in a complex name?

Sep 11, 2017 | News

  • 650 Sectional scheme estates
  • 6,729 Registered freehold estates
  • South Africans love living in townhouse complexes and residential estates, yet it seems difficult to find original names for them. Lightstone Property recently pulled a national list of the top 20 complex names, the number of repeat occurrences and the average value of a unit in each complex.
  • Taking joint first place for complex names was Panorama (the average unit value was R1,300,354) and Kiepersol (averaging at R863,742 per unit). Their names were both used 21 times.
  • Summer Place, Silver Oaks and Camelot were in joint second place — each naming 20 complexes — with Summer Place taking the highest unit value of the three at R1,262,443.
  • The Palms and Casa Mia were the chosen names of 19 residential complexes, while Casablanca and Melrose Place had 16 hits apiece