Available from: R4 782

Love it: This full HD camcorder allows you to switch out memory cards so you will never run out of space and gives you a full touchscreen to watch and work with. The face detection helps you get exact focus at all times and helps you pick the right scene mode to ensure good lighting for all your video. With a wide-angle lens and built-in USB cable, this camcorder is a winner in its range.

Not so much: The sub-HD resolution sensor on these camcorders isn’t quite up to scratch and while it is small and compact enough, the small size might be an issue for someone who has larger hands as the strap isn’t ideally equipped to fit an adult hand.

In a nutshell: Good for its price class, the no-frills Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 produces alright HD videos, so if you’re not picky, you’ll probably be fine. Overall, the camcorder is a good buy, as long as you go cheap on the memory card.

** All prices are approximate.

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