Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Foto bags and pouches

Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Foto bags and pouches

Available from: R249

Love it: The Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Foto range offers lightweight camera protection with features like comfortable neck straps, belt loops, padded panels and adjustable compartments. A wide range of bag designs means you can choose the bag that stores everything you need to keep with you, whether it is just an SD card and a spare battery, or a plethora of lenses and flash units. The range is available in charcoal and khaki, and all models, except the digital camera pouch, come with a handy rain cover for added protection.

Not so much: It’s a bit dull – it wouldn’t hurt to add some bright colours and funky designs to the range.

In a nutshell: The range is priced well and has a variety of products, suitable for all your camera needs. Cameras can be seriously pricy items and it is wise to keep them protected and out of harm’s way.

** All prices are approximate.

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