Wireless wipes

Wireless wipes

Available from: R50 at iStores nationwide

Love it: Wireless Wipes are tech-friendly wipes specifically designed to clean smart phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, GPS units and any other electronic or wireless devices. Wireless Wipes are fast drying, non-streaking and non-corrosive and remove harmful bacteria from your devices without damaging anything inside. They come in convenient re-sealable pouches of 12 and are available in three different scents: Pomegranate Citrus, Green Tea Cucumber and Rosemary Peppermint.

Not so much: What’s not to like?

In a nutshell: Studies have shown that the wireless devices we use every day are about as dirty as the bottom of your shoe … which is even dirtier than a toilet seat. So perhaps adding some Wireless Wipes to the shopping list is a good idea.

** All prices are approximate.

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