720P HD digital ballpoint with tiny spy camera

720P HD digital ballpoint with tiny spy camera

Available from: R399

Love it: The Swann HD PenCam Mini 720p Video Camera & Recorder is a stylish ballpoint pen one minute and a high-tech spying device the next, allowing you to capture both videos and images. You can use the HD PenCam to shoot AVI video files at 720p resolution (1 280 x 720 pixels) or JPEG still images at 1 600 x 1 200 photo resolution. It has a memory card slot which allows you to swap MicroDS cards each up to 16GB capacity (not included), ensuring that you never run out of recording space.

Not so much: Nothing to say here – what a cool pen!

In a nutshell: It’s useful and awesome with amazing spy/secret-agent/undercover capabilities.

** All prices are approximate.

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