Wattson’s energy-smart wireless monitor

Wattson’s energy-smart wireless monitor








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About R1 500

Love it:

Eskom seems to go on about reducing our domestic consumption so often that they sound like a bit like a stuck record. Wattson’s energy-smart wireless monitor provides a great way for homes to start realising a more energy efficient lifestyle by showing just how much energy is being used. The monitor is said to be capable of reducing monthly electricity bills by up to 25%, making it a wise investment for any home. It features a large LED display that provides instant readings of your electrical status, tracks your energy use and shows your power consumption in either watts used or rand spent. There are three indicator lights (blue for below average use, purple for moderate use and red for high energy use), it automatically calibrates itself to the individual household and is easy to install. The unit also works with home power generation equipment, such as solar panels and wind turbines, showing how much power is being generated as well as how much is being used.

Not so much:

We love it! All South African homes should have one.

In a nutshell:

With all the issues South Africa has had to face regarding energy consumption, this is one of the smartest gizmos a home could have. Not only will it allow you to keep track of what energy is being created/used, it will teach everyone in the home about energy conservation and how to use it wisely.



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