Word on the Street – January

Word on the Street – January


Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel (SACommercialprop-News: Infrastructure Development Bill Introduced)

“To date, the PICC (Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission) has identified 18 SIPs (strategic integrated projects) that bring together hundreds of separate construction projects, which include improving schools across the country, opening the northern mining belt or developing the south-eastern coastal regions.”




Sizwe Nxedlana, chief economist of FNB (Fin24: Consumer confidence remains very low)

“Domestic economic prospects have deteriorated further over the last year, as growth in domestic expenditure has slowed without a meaningful narrowing of the current account deficit.”



“The areas formerly classified as “Black Township Areas” under Apartheid Era classifications have outperformed the former White “suburbs” in terms of house price growth for much of the period since 2006, playing some catch up off a very low price base. And we estimate that they have continued to marginally outperform as of late too.”

John Loos, FNB household and property sector strategist (FNB Blog: FNB 3rd quarter 2013 former black township house price index– 12 November 2013)






Pim van Ballekom, European Investment Bank vice President (SACommercialprop-News: ‘European Investment Bank injects R2bn towards SA affordable housing development’)

“Support for increased provision of affordable and social housing is essential for further economic and social integration in South Africa… We recognise the special importance of improving housing for low-income South Africans as crucial to helping South Africa achieve economic and social integration and development objectives.”

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