RED-E PowerBank

RED-E PowerBank

Available from: R299 to R699

Love it: By far, on everyone’s list of worst moments is when your phone or USB compatible device’s battery dies in the middle of an important call, email, or even worse, an emergency. No one finds that situation to be pleasant, especially in this day and age when you use your smart phone for personal and business purposes. with the RED-E PowerBank you can scrap that experience from your list. The mobile charger comes in three editions, each with a USB adapter cable and four adapters:

  1. RED-E Standard Edition U01 2 600mAh PowerBank – power capacity allows one to two full charges of standard mobile handsets. It takes three to four hours to fully recharge.
  2. RED-E Superior Edition U15 4 500mAh PowerBank – houses a Micro-SD card slot reader that allows you access to your Micro-SD card while you are recharging your PowerBank. This Powerbank takes four to five hours to fully recharge.
  3. RED-E Premium Edition U11 6 000mAh PowerBank – allows you to charge three devices simultaneously but also gives you the option to get the most for one device and has a four LED power indicator that helps to identify the remaining charge. The Premium takes six to seven hours to recharge.

No so much: Nothing – we have all needed one at some point.

In a nutshell: With different sizes and strengths to best fit individual needs, these versatile PowerBank chargers have been designed to suit different lifestyles and are portable enough to be carried in your pocket, handbag or laptop bag and are priced well.

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