Tech trade-in at DionWired

Tech trade-in at DionWired

Available from: No cost, just a little bit of effort

Love it: Nobody leaves their old car in a garage to rust, or abandons it on a rubbish dump. Instead, used vehicles are sold or traded in against new ones. However, while 16 million mobile phones are sold in South Africa each year, old ones usually find their way into drawers or are tossed into dustbins. That’s why DionWired is offering customers an opportunity to ‘trade in’ their used cellular phones, tablets, iPods and notebooks in exchange for vouchers that can be spent in store.

The new service, known as Tech Trade-In, is available in all DionWired stores. It is backed by local telecommunications company Pure Distribution, the United Kingdom’s fastest growing recycling company, and powered by Redeem: A solution developed to facilitate the service. DionWired now makes it easy and affordable for their customers to trade up to the latest models, or simply use the trade in value to buy something new.

No so much: We are going to have and wait and see how generously our trade-ins will be rewarded.

In a nutshell: Up until now, trading in used devices hasn’t been an option that was readily available to South African customers. The result is that e-waste – discarded cell phones, computers, tablets, printers, appliances and other ‘white’ electronic goods – is becoming a massive problem in South Africa. For those wanting to buy state-of-the art devices, a trade-in can also assist with meeting the costs involved with buying a new phone or open the way to more premium upgrades and better options.

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