Canon PowerShot S95

Canon PowerShot S95

Available from: R3 016 (price is approximate)

Love it: Small, sleek and solid, the PowerShot S95 is the latest and best of Canon’s highly regarded S series. The wide angle zoom goes from 28-105mm, and is great for taking everyday, good quality photos, which, if we’re honest, are all that most of us usually take.The great advantage of this lens is that it opens up to f2.0, while most cameras in this class only open to f2.8, letting in much less light. So the PowerShot S95 can take better, faster pictures in low light.With the same 10MP sensor and software as Canon’s G12, the S95 can produce images of the same superb quality. In addition, the S95 shoots excellent video 720p at 24fps with stereo microphones and some interesting in-camera effects.

No so much: First impressions, it appears rather ordinary and not much to look at, however, don’t let that fool you as this is a top class camera with great specs.

In a nutshell: The PowerShot S95 is small and works well, which is everything that most of us would ever need. Having the biggest and best is not always the smartest option when it comes to choosing a camera – it is not very practical carrying around a backpack full of equipment while spending hours trying to figure out what it does, only for you to eventually just point and shoot. With that said, we think that light and effective is the way to go and that is just what the Canon PowerShot S95 offers.


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