Monster PowerCard

Monster PowerCard

Available from: R599

Love it: The Monster PowerCard enables you the freedom to have your smartphone, phablet, tablet and any other universal gadgets charged at all times – even when you are not near any power outlets. This versatile, portable charger comes in the same shape and size as a credit card – with the width of a USB port, making it incredibly easy and convenient to slip into your wallet or pocket without any hassle. For the technical, the card works off a 1 600mAh lithium-ion battery, has input and output charging functions as well as a universal connection. It is compact, light in weight and charges your gadgets quickly with LED lights to help you check battery levels. The PowerCard quickly provides five hours of energy to your smartphone – ju­st plug it in, hit the charge button and make the call. Auto-sensing technology detects exactly what speed your smartphone or USB device requires and provides the speed and power necessary.

No so much: Love it all – especially the auto-sensing!

In a nutshell: This nifty little booster pack for your gadget is what all of us have needed at some time or another. It allows a grace period for those of us who like to live on the edge of our battery life. The PowerCard is not too pricy and packs a useful punch for when your smart device needs it most.


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