New Property Website on the Scene

New Property Website on the Scene

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Love it: We all know how useful Private Property is when it comes to looking for property; well, they seem to have kicked their service up a notch even further by improving their website. Basically the Private Property website has been optimised specifically for mobile devices such as phones, phablets, tablets and the like. The platform utilises Private Property’s migration onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform – an industry first in South Africa – to enable a seamless user experience, no matter the device being used.Now, when a browser navigates to the website, it recognises the device’s type and screen size, and responds by giving the best possible version of the site for that device – whether it is mobile or not. Features unique to mobile devices, such as touch screen and swiping functionality, are built-in while information-rich features like geo-location search are also inherent.

No so much: The only thing that could get a bit annoying is that after viewing a property and returning to the previous list, it puts you back at the top of your search instead of where you were down the list of properties being searched.

In a nutshell: Private Property is a great service that now has a pretty impressive website, which is user-friendly for all devices whether they are mobile phones, phablets, tablets, laptops or your old faithful PC.

Check out Private Property’s new site.

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