Available from: R1 299

Love it: iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled speaker lets you listen to music in your shower. You can also tune in to the radio, conveniently stream podcasts and listen to books by your favourite author. It is simple to use and can pair up to five different devices, which will then enable any audio on your iPhone (or iPad or other Bluetooth device) to play through the iShower. Being able to jam to some great music while in the shower is sure to brighten up an average day and, just in case you get a little carried away, there is a clock display on the iShower to make sure that time doesn’t get away from you. Keep your smartdevice safe from steam – it’s able to connect from up to 200 feet away!

No so much: It goes without saying that you need more than just an iShower in order for this fun shower accessory to be useful. Also, the iShower is not completely waterproof, so you wouldn’t want to go deep sea diving with it, but it is water resistant and is designed to get wet.

In a nutshell: It is fun and ideal if you like to listen to music or the news while you are getting ready for work each morning.

** Price is approximate.

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