Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech Washable Keyboard

A washable keyboard?

Love it: Washable, waterproof and spill-proof – in other words, the ideal keyboard for those who tend to be a bit on the clumsy side or for all those clean freaks out there. The Lgotitech K310 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, and with plug-and-play functionality, there is no need to download special software. Setting up the K310 keyboard is as simple as plugging it in, with no extra software to download or settings to fuss with. In addition, Logitech covers the K310 with a three-year warranty.

No so much: Some have said that, the keys are a bit mushy, but that may be down to personal preference.

In a nutshell: It is a great idea, and if you knew what germs encrusted our keyboards, you would most likely order one of these squeaky clean keyboards immediately!

Available from: R599

** Price is approximate.

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