Realtors International: Power of Communication

Realtors International: Power of Communication

An internal communications platform recently introduced by Realtors International is set to play a lead role in the small but dynamic group realising its ethos of the ‘power of one’.

Realtors International chairperson Manja Kritzinger says that one of the challenges of an association of like-minded but independent realtors is being able to interact and communicate effectively so that agents can enjoy the benefit of the collective.


Manja Kritzinger, Realtors International chairperson


“While Realtors International licensees and agents are bound by a vision, values and brand, each branch is independent, extremely busy and generally owner-managed. We cannot call meetings or arrange networking functions as frequently as we’d like to. The answer was to build an internal communications platform where agents from different regions could meet, have real conversations, build relationships, share experiences and celebrate successes in an online but secure environment,” says Manja.

The most important output will be the passing of referrals from one office to the other.

“The internal communications system has many benefits as far as building a cohesive Realtors International brand is concerned, but, through developing relationships and trust between agents, the ultimate goal is to see increased referrals amongst agents – that’s what friends do,” says Manja.

Project manager Jacques Botha, Realtors International’s market and sales analyst, says that concerns that some of the agents, particularly more experienced agents bordering on the edge of technophobia, would not take readily to the new ‘meeting place’ proved largely unfounded.

“The prospect of referrals and experiencing the Realtors International network proved stronger than the fear of the online world for most. We worked with a team of communications specialists and held training workshops at all of the Realtors International offices in the Western Cape. It is early days, but however cutting edge the technology is, it will be the Realtors International agents who will make it work – that’s a big step towards unrolling the ‘power of one’,” says Jacques.


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Words: Michelle Funke


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