Takealot App


The data for download and usage and the cost of whatever you end up purchasing.

Love it: Takealot is the most impressive of the online retailers bunch. It sells just about anything you could possibly imagine and the service is excellent. Buy via the Takealot app, and your purchase – no matter how small – will be delivered free and usually within a day or two at the most. Takealot has linked forces with Mr Delivery to get products delivered quickly – sometimes even on the day the order is placed. Everything can be done online, but if you do need to chat to someone you can phone the call centre, where you will be put in touch with a well-informed, helpful, well-spoken individual who will give you the information you need.

Not so much: nothing not to like.

In a nutshell: it is so exciting to see such great functionality and after-sales service. Once you give it a try, you will never look back. If fact you will find yourself shopping on the Takealot app first before looking anywhere else.

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