Ask the expert: Decking Trends

Ask the expert: Decking Trends

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“Beautiful decking can transform outdoorspaces and add value to a home. ”

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Timbermann owner Ryan Kriedemann explains what your clients should know.

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Choose a product that considers the building as well as the landscaping. To reduce costs, only install decking in commonly used areas. You could also design decking to be above ground level so that excavations and retaining walls aren’t required. And avoid unnecessarily thick timbers.


Usually, coastal regions with high humidity suit timbers such as balau, massaranduba and garappa. The Highveld, with its humid summers and dry winters, requires much harder timbers such as ironbark, or oily timbers such as teak.


Outdoor decks should last for more than 30 years – but proper construction protocols and materials are key. A minimum height of 400mm above ground improves ventilation below the deck. Any water that might gather underneath should be properly channelled.

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No maintenance is necessary for decking that weathers naturally to silvery grey.  Where owners want to preserve the colour of the wood, decks should generally be oiled, not varnished, so that sanding won’t be necessary.


Structural timber should either be naturally resistant timber or treated with copper chrome arsenate.The correct grade of treatment for the building environment and climate is crucial.

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