5 Goodies and Gadgets for when you’re on the go

5 Goodies and Gadgets for when you’re on the go

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YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: The cabinet’s 14 drawers of varying sizes are perfect for organising magazines, envelopes, print cartridges and stationery.
THE NITTY GRITTY: The Weylandts Fusion Cabinet is a hand-crafted piece made of embossed beaten copper sheeting and bone inlay.
THE X-FACTOR: The African-inspired piece of furniture fuses function and form in a wonderfully creative way.
R25,995; weylandts.co.za

Key Hooks

YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: It eases organising multiple sets of keys.
THE NITTY GRITTY: This is a simple line of six steel hooks with a minimalist design.
THE X-FACTOR: They’re effective, efficient and affordable.
R129; makro.co.za

Element Workspace

YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: Your property pamphlets can be stored in such a way that five priority properties are visible at a glance.
THE NITTY GRITTY: The pamphlet holder has five tilting shelves. Dimensions are 41cm x 41cm x 194cm.
THE X-FACTOR: It’s neat, simple and gets those leaflets off your desk.
R4,716 (silver) or black (R4,312); elementworkspace.co.za

Blue Ambia-line

YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: This inner dividing system configures the contents of your drawers to optimise space, allow for a more convenient workflow and improve visibility and accessibility.
THE NITTY GRITTY: These versatile frames are available in Orion Grey (metal) and Nebraska Oak, in various sizes. They can be arranged in any position, fit any drawer and are slide-proof.
THE X-FACTOR: The dividers allow you free rein so you can tailor-make your drawer arrangements.
R740; eclipsegroup.co.za

Carrol Boyes

YOU NEED IT BECAUSE: It’s easier to declutter your desk with these chic tablet stand and pen holders
from prominent local brand Carrol Boyes.
THE NITTY GRITTY: The Hummingbird stainless steel tablet stand weighs 254g and is 125mm x 110mm x 140mm. The Alicanto pen holder, also stainless steel, weighs 192g, with dimensions of 58mm x 56mm x 95mm.
THE X-FACTOR: Carrol Boyes is as functional and delightful in the office as it is in the home.
R1,100 (tablet stand), R695 (pen holder); carrolboyes.co.za

Words: Helen Grange



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