It’s time to clean up the industry!

It’s time to clean up the industry!

There are a multitude of agents practicing illegally and the general perception is that no action is being taken in this regard. Rebosa has been interacting with the EAAB on an ongoing basis but has experienced difficulty in measuring the success of this. As a result, Rebosa has  launched a whistle-blower initiative on their website and are inviting all agents to report illegal operators in this manner. Anonymity is guarenteed.

This does not mean that the whistle-blower opportunity on must not be used – the more, the better.

Says Rebosa chief executive, Jan le Roux: “Our register will give us the opportunity to actually follow up going forward as to the net results achieved.

As indicated on our website, agents must please provide as much information as possible. We must all work together to clean up our industry.”

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