6 Apps for the agent on the go

6 Apps for the agent on the go

MAIN IMAGE: Jonathan Acutt, managing director Acutt Estate Agents

Apps are indispensable for the agent on the go. They enable you to basically do everything you can do at the office whether it is signing and emailing contracts, taking photos of properties and sharing them online. Jonathan Acutt, managing director of Acutts Estate Agents lifts the lid on his favourites.

“This is my favourite topic!” Acutt kicks off the conversation. Long gone are the days of drowning in mountains of paperwork after a long day spent on the road. Thanks to the latest applications (apps) you can do almost anything with the swipe of your finger on the screen of your phone or the click of your mouse on your PC. Acutt says there are 6 apps that he would recommend for every property professional.

1 – Evernote app

In 2016 Property Professional wrote about this app and Acutt says it is still his number one app. He uses it throughout the day to take notes, record leads etc to follow-up and even save links to YouTube videos. “The powerful thing about this app is that your cell phone and computer are linked. What this means is, when you get home or to the office and opens your PC there is everything you did during the day on the app on your cell phone,” explains Acutt.

He uses the free version which allows two downloads, namely one to your PC and one to your phone, but there are also more advanced versions available for which you would be charged an annual fee. Check out Evernote

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2 – Microsoft OneNote

This digital note taking app is included for free in the Microsoft Office 365 package. Acutt says what he likes about this app is that you can store multiple files or chats on one topic. The app allows you to create different categories or divisions under one topic – making it easy to keep all your notes together and to find them again. This is handy, for instance, if you want to keep all your notes and files on a client in one place. See what OneNote is all about here

3 – Canva

This is a great app to make professional-looking posters you can use for marketing purposes on social media and the good news is it can also be downloaded free. The app allows you to decide whether you are designing a flyer, making a powerpoint presentation or working on a new banner for your Facebook page or poster to share on Whatsapp. “You can for instance take a photo of your latest property and use Canva to write on it “This is my new mandate” and share it with a client or to your Facebook page,” says Acutt. To check out Canva click here

4 – Whatsapp web

Whatsapp web connects your whatsapp account with your computer which means you can send whatsapp messages directly from your PC. This is great in instances where you have a brochure or even a sales agreement that you want to share to many people simultaneously. “You simply drag and drop the document on your PC on the app,” explains Acutt. This app is also available for free and it is truly child’s play to link your Whatsapp account on your phone with your PC – give it a go here

5 – Clips on iPhone

With the Clips app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod you can take your home video making skills to new heights. You can record video and add animated captions to your video while recording. The app also allows you to combine video clips and stills to make a single continuous video. Afterwards you can also add music and filters. “It’s a lovely thing. You can take 10 photos of a new property and compile it into a single video with a voice recording which you can send to your client or share as a marketing video on Facebook,” says Acutt.

6 – Adobe Fill & Sign

Lastly, but not least, do your bit to spare a few trees and download the Adobe Fill & Sign app. This app allows you to write on PDF documents which means you don’t have to print it out to fill in any missing details or to add your initials of signature.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have other favourite apps that helps to simplify your work life, then please share them by emailing editor@propertyprofessional.co.za.

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