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Digital proptech ecosystem evolves to provide even more assistance to agents

Digital proptech ecosystem evolves to provide even more assistance to agents

MAIN IMAGE: Candice Goldberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at The Virtual Agent (TVA)


Harnessing the power of proptech, The Virtual Agent (TVA) is well on its way to creating a digital ecosystem that makes the real estate agent’s sales journey quicker and easier.  By streamlining processes, adding value and insight and eliminating the need for admin, TVA frees agents up to spend more time selling property.

“Ultimately, we aim to assist agents in every step of the property sales process,” says Candice Goldberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at TVA. “Our business exists to help agents make more sales. One of the testimonials that sums up what we do in a phrase is from an agent who secured ‘ten new listings in three days’ when they started using TVA.”

TVA’s suite of services has expanded beyond data and it now provides a comprehensive range of CRM tools, as well as a Deal Tracker which is structured as an eight-step, ‘at-a-glance’ view of an agent’s listings at each stage in the sale process.

The simple-to-use interface moves from New Listing to Done or Lost Deal, with all the steps in between.

  1. New listing
  2. Property viewing
  3. Offer to purchase
  4. Attorney documents
  5. Lodgements
  6. Key handover
  7. Done deal
  8. Lost deal

As part of the second phase of the Deal Tracker, agents will be able to syndicate their listings with the click of a mouse.

Syndicate with a click

As the leading innovator in local proptech, TVA’s approach is iterative. “We are constantly working on refining the existing services and developing new ones. The work never stops,” says Goldberg.

“One of the features due to come online shortly is our syndication module. This will allow agents to enter the details of their listings just once and, because our ecosystem is inter-connected, the listing will be syndicated to selected portals and websites with a few clicks.”

The dashboard, which gives agents a snapshot overview of their customer base and their characteristics as well as propensities to sell and buy is also being updated. “Proactive agents can use this information to focus their efforts. It’s a great place to start prioritising,” says Goldberg. Additional functionality will increase admin managers’ and agency principals’ oversight.

A regular comment from agents using TVA is that it’s very obviously customised for the unique needs of South African property professionals. It’s not an off-the-shelf package from another country/market that agents must adapt to. “We have a software development team with team members that encompass the full SDLC process to provide a more polished and world-class product,” says Goldberg. “Which gives an indication of how hard and fast we are working to refine the existing offering, and bring the latest proptech solutions to the market.” Day-to-day users might not notice weekly upgrades but, with a rapidly evolving environment, keeping the back-end efficient, fast and able to leap to the next level, is critical.

TVA App coming soon

Migrating to an app will improve the TVA experience and provide an even more seamless user interface. “Agents will literally have access to their entire customer base, documents, know the status of all their deals, have all the listings and details as well as notes and added value data, at their fingertips. The app will work on Android or Apple and across any device.”

Partners in property sales

Working with estate agencies across the country which range in size from one-man operations to international groups, TVA single-mindedly pursues their clients’ success. “When we witness agents achieving results and know that we have contributed to their success, it gives us reason to celebrate,” says Goldberg. “Handing out the first ‘TVA Awards’ to agents at a clients Regional Awards Ceremony was a wonderful moment,” says Goldberg who adds that TVA looks forward to sharing more successes with clients in the future.

As part of the engine that drives their clients’ sales, Goldberg says that TVA appreciates all opportunities it gets to work with agencies. “We are currently gearing up for roadshows with some of the countries most prominent estate agent brands which promises to deliver value to TVA, the Estate Agencies and ultimately their clients, the South African consumer.”

An increasing number of South African estate agents are subscribing to TVA, sign up for a free trial today and don’t miss out:

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