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Protect your property business and clients against damage from criminal acts or negligence

Don’t fall victim to criminal or negligent acts in or to your business – protect your property business and clients from harm


Insurance may not be the most exciting or pleasant topic to plan for, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones to ensure your business can continue to trade in the case of staff wrongdoing, negligence or outside interference.

As a property business, you face a very real everyday threat of significant financial and reputational harm to yourself and your clients, potentially crippling you financially.

The volume and frequency of financial transactions handled by property practitioners makes them common targets for fraud and other financial crimes. As a guardian of client money, you therefore have a responsibility to do everything that can reasonably be expected to protect it.

Be sure

Brought to you by I AM SURE, King Price and iTOO in collaboration with PayProp, Agent Sure is an insurance product solution tailor-made to protect all individual and business property practitioners across South Africa against internal or external misconduct AND negligence.

This revolutionary product offers comprehensive risk protection that combines fidelity guarantee and professional indemnity insurance into a single, affordable policy, by brands trusted for their impeccable credentials and expertise.

Let’s break down what that means:

What is fidelity guarantee?

Fidelity guarantee is a type of insurance that protects against losses resulting from the dishonest actions of an employee. In the context of the rental industry, this includes misappropriation of rental income, theft of a tenant’s deposit, or any other fraudulent activity that results in financial harm to the client.

If a claim is made against a property business for client losses due to wrongdoing, Agent Sure’s fidelity guarantee will cover the principal and all permanent employees for damages and legal costs that may result.

This coverage also includes public relations management and crisis communication assistance from King Price’s public relations experts, so you can defend against legal claims while preserving your business’s reputation.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Whereas fidelity guarantee protects against willful deception, professional indemnity insurance, often known as PI insurance, shields property professionals from liability for negligent acts, errors or omissions.

For example, if you or an employee expose a client’s personal details or business assets and they experience theft or fraud, that client could sue for damages. Agent Sure would cover the cost of compensation plus any associated legal costs, either per claim or in an aggregate amount per insurance period.

People make mistakes sometimes, but when you’re dealing with other people’s money, those mistakes can be costly. That’s why having business insurance is so important – it’s the ultimate peace of mind that ensures you can carry on with business if threats of litigation and reputational harm threaten to derail you.

Isn’t my fidelity fund certificate enough?

An FFC only covers so much – the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority’s fidelity fund has a maximum payout per cause of action of just R2 million. With Agent Sure, you can be indemnified for up to R10 million.

Additionally, I AM SURE, King Price and iTOO have all earned solid reputations for their expertise, quick responses and transparent policies. By relying on an FFC, you might spend more time jumping through hoops than defending your business against legal claims.

Rest assured with Agent Sure

With the Agent Sure combined business insurance policy from I AM SURE, King Price and iTOO, all individual and business property practitioners across South Africa can rest easy knowing that they have the best coverage from the best in the industry. Plus, with an exclusive discount for PayProp users, you can have it all at a very competitive rate.

Don’t let one fraudster or slip-up sink your business – protect yourself and stay afloat with Agent Sure today.

Check out our webinar to learn more about Agent Sure.

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