Speakers Corner 11 February 2021


Speakers Corner 11 February 2021

Mike Spencer

Just ask any new intern agent what hell they have to go through to obtain their FFC’s. Please explain to me how I am, as the principal, supposed to provide a reference number for an intern application!

While we are at it why do new agents not receive a copy of the Code of Conduct?

In the past two out of three years I have had to drive from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg to sort out FFC’s. When I get there, they cannot tell me why they have not been issued. Eventually the cashier tells us that there is an extra fee because we are “too big”.

I have not received my principal FFC for one of the companies I am a principal of. I have enquired and received confirmation of my request and then …

We should return to the situation where IEASA ran the registration. Far more effective and efficient.

An intern agent has been trying to register since February 2020. In November an FFC was sent to him with a different person’s surname. He is trying again. It’s taken nearly a year to register as an agent.

I submitted my mandatory self-audit online. The screen went blank when I pressed submit. I was contacted in December and told that I did not submit the self-audit. I responded with the date and time frame when I did it as my office analytics can prove that I was working on it in that time frame. No response to my email.

It is impossible to be compliant. Am I going to be forced to stop trading because of the governing body’s inefficiencies?


The EAAB is just totally incompetent and the CEO has continually misstated the facts about the FFC situation since the first date she was in office. She doesn’t take any responsibility for the MASSIVE shortcomings of this draconian organisation.

It is totally unacceptable if even 1 agent do not get their FFC on time, never mined 3% of agents, which she seems to think is okay!? REALLY

It took me more than 4 months and about 10 emails just to get them to unlock the 2020 CPD E-learning for me.
If this was private practice she would have been fired long ago, but being a government institution, her job is protected till death, so to speak!

Rebosa should rather have taken her to court to have her removed as she is just incompetent!

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