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Why did you decide to pursue a career in property? 

I have always had a passion for property space and design; it is part of my creative streak. It is an industry where I can find the freedom to express and implement my legal knowledge coupled with my business experience and acumen, whilst having the freedom to interact with individual buyers and sellers from all backgrounds. This industry epitomises for me the end product of a person’s hard work and devoted years of labour. The symbol of security – a home which he/she will either use for him or herself, or as an investment.

What do you find to be the most enjoyable and the most challenging aspects of the job? 

The freedom to be creative and interact with people from different backgrounds. It’s an opportunity to share in someone’s most prized asset and be involved in the energy of success. Property ownership is a valuable result of someone’s success, which often comes after many years of labour.

What characteristics, in your opinion, make for a great estate agent/broker and why? 

Devotion, commitment, hard work, willingness to learn and share in knowledge and transactions.

What are some of your career goals? 

To be the best that I can be whilst continuing to learn and share my knowledge with others. To be an inspiration to myself and to my colleagues and use the many opportunities given to learn from my clients as well.

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