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Lynne Baker

Jawitz Properties Parkhurst

Why did you decide to pursue a career in property?

I am a qualified teacher by profession but realised when I got divorced that I would not be able to support my children on a teacher’s salary.

I have a genuine interest in and love for people and I wanted a career in which I could use the nurturing skills I had developed as a teacher. I also wanted to be involved in a business that would be both lucrative and allow me the flexibility to care for my children and be a strong influence in their lives.

As an independent contractor with a strong work ethic, my income as a real estate agent is controlled by the time I invest in my work. A career in real estate has enabled me to set my own work schedules and grow a business without compromising my parenting and grand-parenting standards.

What do you find to be the most enjoyable and most challenging aspects of the job?


* As an independent contractor, I am able to ‘be my own boss’ – I can set my own work schedule, develop a client base, select preferred marketing methods and grow my business according to my principles

* Being able to develop relationships with all types of people and assisting them to achieve a level of security and realise personal and financial ambitions.

* Set targets for myself and develop strategies to reach them.

* Negotiating at high levels to bring a deal together.


* Having no fixed income creates a stressful financial lifestyle.

* Negative sentiment, political instability and the tightening of banking policies have resulted in poor investor confidence and a drop in house prices.

* Difficulties arising from trying to educate sellers to market their homes at realistic and achievable prices.

* Delays in obtaining rates and taxes clearances from municipal councils result in lengthy transaction processes and delays in the payment of commission to agents.

What characteristics, in your opinion, make far a great estate agent / broker and why?

* Unbridled enthusiasm. This is important as it is a difficult industry and both sellers and buyers need to feel that you are excited and positive about property and their needs.

* Trustworthiness. It is vital that all parties involved in the transactions have faith in the ability of the agent and trust the agent implicitly. A home is an important asset and trust plays a vital role in the relationship between all parties in an agreement.

* Compassion and empathy. More often than not a property is sold or bought during a difficult period of a person’s life, such as divorce, death, transfer or financial difficulty.  The agent must be empathetic to all parties involved.

* Diligence. Real estate is not an easy industry. Selling property in tough economic times requires diligence and sheer hard work on the part of the agent. It also requires a degree of tenaciousness – an ability to keep going when difficult times are experienced.

What are some of your career goals?

  • To achieve a degree of financial security.
  • To have a high percentage of market share in Parkhurst.
  • To achieve respect and loyalty from buyers and sellers, as well as agents affiliated to other companies in the area of my expertise.
  • To earn the respect and admiration of my colleagues so that they are happy to refer buyers and sellers to me.
  • To reach a level of financial stability by the time I reach retirement age so that I can afford to retire to the coast and be able to live comfortably.

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