Deane Thomas

Harcourts, Midrand

What are your top three secrets to success?

Good relationships with clients, a positive and enthusiastic attitude and the dedication to put in long hours.

What is the one thing you wish someone had taught you or told you when you first started out in property and why?

Don’t make assumptions, but make absolutely sure of your facts in all transactions. Check that buyers are qualified and make sure that sellers are committed, otherwise you may waste valuable time on deals that will not materialise.

What is the most vital business tool that estate agents should have at their disposal in today’s market and why?

A professional website. Your listings are your stock in trade and in our technological era, a website makes it easy for prospective buyers to view available stock. It also entrenches your name and that of your business in your market.

Do you remember the first property you sold? Please tell us about it.

Not the specific one because I sold eight vacant stands in one weekend. For various reasons I had to man the sales office at the development on my own that weekend and interest was very high. It was an exciting start to my career and I remember it fondly.

What advice would you give to new kids on the block about making a success of their career in property?

Always remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes several years to build a solid foundation and once you are established, much of your business will come from repeat sales rather than cold calling.

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