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'Walk in' robberies on the rise

‘Walk in’ robberies on the rise

The increased risk of armed robberies by criminals posing as clients poses a serious problem to estate agencies as they all depend on ‘walk ins’ for new business.

What Budget2020 means for real estate

Budget 2020 and the property market

Budget2020 is broadly welcomed by the real estate sector. Property experts weigh on what it means for the property market, particularly the welcome relief on transfer duties for properties of R1 million or less.

What EWC means for real estate

What EWC means for real estate

Since at least the end of 2017, when the African National Congress decided that land reform would be pursued through a policy of expropriation without compensation

How SPLUMA will affect sellers

How SPLUMA will affect sellers

All municipalities must roll out their own by-laws in terms of SPLUMA (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act) by October 2020, but how will this impact sellers?

Why EWC remains a concern

Why EWC remains a concern

In his 2020 state of the nation (SONA) address the President said that government is ready to table the Expropriation Bill that will legalize expropriation without compensation (EWC).

How electronic deeds registration work

How electronic deeds registration will work

The Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Act (EDRSA) was signed into law on 2 October 2019. What is the current status quo and how does this Act impact the homeowner? Maryna Botha, director with legal firm STBB Cape Town explains.





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