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The 2021 Budget and real estate

The 2021 Budget and real estate

What is important for the real estate sector about the 2021 Budget is whether the government will make the tough decisions required to slash national expenditure and debt, stimulate critically needed economic growth and restore investor confidence.

Joint property ownership – the agreement

Joint property ownership: the agreement

Following our previous article which summarised the dangers of jointly buying property with someone else without a proper agreement between the buyers setting out the practicalities, costs and possibility of dissolution, we will now look at the particular provisions which are suggested within such a joint ownership agreement.

Avoid large insurance claims in housing schemes

Avoid large insurance claims in housing schemes

There is much that sectional title (ST) trustees and homeowners’ association directors can do to avoid large insurance claims arising in their housing schemes – and also much that they must do to avoid any claims that are submitted from being repudiated.

Be adequately ensured to work from home

Be adequately ensured to work from home

As working from home looks set to continue, one needs to take the time to review their portable work devices and ensure that they are adequately insured from theft or unforeseen damage.


Don’t blame P24, blame yourself?

From listing the property to vetting buyers or tenants and signing the transfer or lease documents, the full digitalization of property transactions has arrived.

Tread carefully with shared ownership

Tread carefully with shared ownership

There are many reasons why people decide to buy property together with someone else: because they are married or are dating or because they are not able to afford the property on their own.

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