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Transforming rental portfolio management: WeconnectU leads the way

Johann & Schalk

MAIN IMAGE: Johann van der Merwe – co-founder and managing director, and Schalk van der Merwe – director at WeconnectU


Ever tried to build a puzzle with pieces from different boxes? Spoiler alert: it’s about as easy as trying to run a rental management business by cobbling together solutions from half a dozen different software providers.

No matter how hard you try, there’s just no substitute for an all-in-one technology ecosystem. Everything you need fits together perfectly, under a single, consolidated roof.

Rental Management is a surprisingly simple name for what is actually a very complex job. From accounts, to inspections and maintenance, to tenant vetting, leases, and compliance, rental managers manage so much more than just… well… rentals.

The trouble is: the typical tools used to support rental managers in their various roles aren’t exactly designed to work together. In fact, they usually come from a range of different solution providers, each with their own way of doing things. Getting these tools to play together nicely is almost a fulltime job on its own – particularly when it comes to things like accounting.

Now, property professionals are creative types who are good at making the best of things. But in our experience (and we’ve been there and done this ourselves), any time you have to cobble together core functionality, the results are less than ideal.

Even the most expert solution-juggling (typically involving complex and time-consuming spreadsheet acrobatics) takes huge amounts of effort and leaves all-too-much room for risky blind-spots to creep in.

The situation isn’t helped by increasingly rigorous regulations like those now requiring mandatory disclosure forms for inspections. These, together with the maintenance requests that go hand-in-hand with inspections, create a heavy workload for property professionals.

But they also create opportunity.

In a competitive market with massive fee pressure, any chance to create a wow experience for clients should be welcomed with arms wide open. The more responsibility and risk you can take off your clients’ shoulders, the more value they perceive in your service, and the more secure your business (and income) will be.

But how do you keep wowing your clients while you and your teams are worked to the bone?

That answer is easy. You don’t.

The all-in-one rental asset management solution

The simple truth of today’s property management landscape is that cobbling multiple, disparate solutions together just doesn’t cut it anymore. The stakes are too high, clients’ expectations are too exacting, and regulations leave no room for error.

No matter how hard you try, solutions that aren’t designed to work together can never deliver the transparency, collaborative capability and management oversight you need. Attempting to deliver top-notch service under these circumstances is not just exhausting, it’s virtually impossible.

It’s also unnecessary, thanks to WeconnectU.

Designed by the industry, for the industry, WeconnectU is proud to offer the first and only end-to-end rental asset management solution on the market. It not only covers Rental Accounts Management, and Inspections and Maintenance Management (RedRabbit), it also addresses Tenant Applications, Lease Management and Compliance Management, too.

That’s literally the full value chain of rental portfolio management under a single roof, working together, in harmony, right out the box.

Effortless efficiency, transparency, and control at your fingertips.

Functionality highlights

It’s never been easier to give your clients what they want, and what they need. But your clients won’t be the only ones having wow experiences with WeconnectU.

Here’s a tiny taste of the functionality you can expect from this industry-leading solution, designed to upgrade your experience as well as those you serve.

Asset management reports that speak your clients’ language

You do all the work; you have all the data – why let that go to waste? WeconnectU lets you consolidate data across workflows to create comprehensive Asset Management Reports, quickly and easily.

Finally, clients can see the full effects of your hard work and service in the language they really care about: yield, capital growth and ROI.

All-in-one inspections and maintenance management

Built-in, live integration with RedRabbit means inspections and maintenance management can finally be handled entirely in one place. No more partial solutions that only collect (not connect) the dots. WeconnectU is far more comprehensive.

Think intelligent online dashboards handling everything from inspection reminders to inspection reports, maintenance requests, invoices, payments, personalised bulk communications and compliance status reports. No duplication of data. No duplication of effort. No broken telephone. Just fast, efficient and effective service.

Built-In lease management

WeconnectU has upgraded the lease management process from spreadsheet-central to a seamless, integrated flow with complete transparency on lease start, end, renewal and escalation dates.

From start to finish, the entire lease management process is handled effortlessly (and compliantly) within the WeconnectU platform, complete with lease document generation of the highest quality. 

Effortless compliance

Yet another spreadsheet bites the dust as WeconnectU’s integrated compliance management functionality turns this time-consuming process into an efficient and easy-to-maintain course of action. The built-in intelligent dashboards make managing and monitoring all elements of compliance a breeze – including those mandatory disclosure forms.

Bulk personalised communication capabilities

Communication is an essential component of all the features above. It’s non-negotiable for the effective management of a portfolio. That’s why we’ve built all the communication capabilities today’s rental managers need directly into WeconnectU. Zero integration or additional fees required.

As a native component of the WeconnectU ecosystem, our communication solution lets you set up unlimited customised communication templates, to be sent in bulk or individually to investors and tenants. Its unmatched ease-of-use transforms the communication process from a chore into a real asset for communicating value.

And remember: value communicated is value perceived, and value perceived is value clients are willing to pay for.

Experience the future, today

The fact is, the property landscape isn’t changing. It’s already changed. And WeconnectU is the only solution on the market to address all the challenges of this new environment.

You can slave away using outdated tools, paying for extra features and integrations, or you can upgrade to the one solution that really does it all.

Get in touch to book your demo, today.

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