Liz Houston

Seef, Randburg

What are your top three secrets to success?

1. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. 2. Be honest, sincere and friendly, but firm. 3. Under promise and over deliver.

What is the one thing that you wish someone had taught you or told you when you first started out in property and why?

Start and stay in the same area, get to know everything about it,
get involved with the neighbourhood security organisations. Don’t flit from area to area. Stay with a good well-known company!

What is the most vital business tool that estate agents should have at their disposal in today’s market and why?

My computer database programme. Since I implemented this system some 10 years ago, it has been the most wonderful rewarding tool ever! It is a better option than piles and piles of papers!
Do you remember the first property you sold? Please tell us about it.

Yes, I was so excited I forgot to get all the signatures and had to go back to the sellers!

What advice would you give to new kids on the block about making a success in their career in property?

All the above and never give up!

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